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Any OB's or ldn's around? Some high-risk C/S questions please

Sorry to butt in here mammas, not pg yet. We're considering it, but given my last delivery dh is terrified to have another. Here's why we're a little scared:

ds 1, c/s after 22hrs of labor/ruptured memebranes, failure to progress & confirmed cephelopelvic disproportion (sp?) (yes, mine is absolutely confirmed, none of my babies made it past -2station. )

ds 2, repeat c/s due to above diagnosis, no complications, performed after 4hrs of start of labor.

ds 3, repeat c/s, same diagnosis, performed after 12hrs of labor. My doc has been on-call for the last 12 hrs, so I'm deferred to the on-call ob. It's almost midnight by then. I refused sedation (same as last time) and was awake for the entire c/s and recovery. When the nurses were "wrapping me up" after my c/s was finished they noticed some heavy-ish bleeding from my incision but it stopped before they took me to recovery.

After about 30min in recovery, my bp dropped dramatically and I felt dizzy. I was bleeding heavily from my incision. They opened me up right there in my l&d room (shock of my life, lemmetellyou!) but couldnt find the source. They promptly knocked me out and dragged me back in to the OR for an additional 2hrs.

During this time, they told my poor dh that I had a uterine hemhorrage. Is that even possible after your uterus clamps down and you're sewn up? When I asked my midwife about it at my follow-up visit he says that isn't exactly what the delivery report says, HE says that it sounds from what was written that the OB screwed up and forgot to cauterize something. So how in the world would I know? I mean, it isn't like the OB is going to fess up to that b/c I might sue her!

This is two totally different scenarios with completely different risks and reprecussions for further pg'cies. My midwife said I would be fine to get pg again, but who am I to believe and who's going to convince my dh, who is still saying to this day "but you almost DIED".

So if you know anthing about this, would either of those scenarios complicate another pregnancy?

Also, how do I find a OB that does high-risk c/s? I think I'd be high-risk just because it would be my fourth, right?

Whew! Thanks if you got thru that and a million thanks if you can add any thoughts!
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