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Re: Every now and then I throw myself a pity party

Originally Posted by Suzi View Post
I only have 1 cat so far! I think what really sucks is I loved my married life, I was pretty dang happy, right until he said he wasn't.
I have 2 cats and I TOTALLY relate to that statement.

Originally Posted by jamieism View Post
Wow, mama, that sounds like a VERY rough patch. I had divorced by the time dd1 was born and he was involved in an awkward way. It wasn't the way I had envisioned my life at. all. But then so many things have come from it that I have zero regrets ( plus a lovely dd).

I hope you (all) have some good support here and there. And Ben and jerrys. I recommend cherry Garcia and a trashy novel.
Mmmmmmmmmm, cherry garcia.
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