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I know I posted this in FB about having a small or rather non-existent belly but today is getting ridiculous.

So this weekend my belly kept getting smaller and smaller. But today I shrank so much that my maternity pants kept falling down every step I took. And I just went to my garage and my uterus literally went back into my body. It is not protruding in any way shape or form and I can't even feel it externally.

I wished for a big pregnant belly with DS but I figured with the weight loss I had in the beginning (20lbs) that I would never be able to gain all the weight back. And with having PTL and gallstones during his pregnancy, it was impossible.

I hoped that being preg with DD and her being #2 meant I would get a bit bigger. Then the stones hit and I never ate more than 3 kid size meals a day. It was hard enough to not go under the pre-pregnancy weight.

And with #3? I get so jealous of the women with huge bellies. I know those who did have one before and got so upset, it really sucks for those with no bellies. NO ONE knows I am pregnant. I have to tell EVERYONE. No one can guess ever.

This is one tonight. 18.5 weeks.

I just want to show my belly off to the world. I am sad.
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