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Re: Non-biased BF info

Originally Posted by Nerissa View Post
Do you have any friends that BF or a local LLL that you can visit or join their FB group.

For me the best advise/reassurance I got was from my BFF.
I've had a look at the local LLL groups... I may be being very biased myself... but I took one look at the areas they meet in and said not a chance. My experience with mothers from those neighbor hoods have been less then pleasant. Lets just say they think rather highly of themselves.

And only two of my friends have kids... one BF but was done over 5 years ago. And the other... well she's so negative about her attempt at BF that she's only just stopped short of telling me I shouldn't even try.

Originally Posted by nursenmom View Post
Are you looking for more "how to" or "why"?
Just the HoW To-s... like a technical guide. I've tried a few books and lots of sites and I'm just so tired of the uber lactivist statements. They just bother me to the point that I won't finish reading and so don't learn anything.

I know the Why's... all health benefits etc aside the financial reason should be a huge one for me.
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