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OH LORDY....long rant...

Okay so today i FINALLY took samonia for a check up, she is one and hasnt been since she was 6 months.. well we get to the Peds and the receptionist says " oh your on the schedule to see Dr. "C" bc Dr. "W" is on vaca.." umm okay great i dont like dr. c at all, ive seen him once and didnt much care for him.. he didnt do anything wrong per say i just didnt get a good vibe from him, call it mothers intuition because BOY WAS I RIGHT!!! ARHHHHHHH okay so here is what happened:
We go back, nurse weighs and measures her and leave
Dr. "C" comes in and opens her chart and says, "oh well she hasnt been her in a long time"with a smirk.. GRRRRRRRRRRRR
okay so next he says, without even introducing himself or interacting with her, he says "oh wow she is underweight, (19lbs on the nose at almost 13months), have you given her cows milk or BABY milk (meaning formula) because she really needs more calories" umm okay here is where i went off a little bit, i said "no i havent and i wont give her cows milk or formula my BREASTMILK is babies milk and she is fine with that thank you!" and then he RANTED about how her diet isnt supporting her need for calories or something bogus, how can nursing non stop,seriously she is always attached at the boob not be enough, she never acts hungry.. anyways, next he flipped through her chart and siad, "WOW she needs alot of vacs, thats not good at all, if you cannot afford the copay we can help you and set a payment plan up because these are VITAL for her" ummm my response "ya know i think im going to leave, i dont feel comfortable here i feel like im being attacked, and no i wont pay the copay" i got up and walked out with both of my girls in my arms and cried in the parking lot.. never in my life have i been so attacked, my reg ped will be lucky to see me in that office again, i feel so humiliated, the man talked to me like i was harming my girl by nursing and not vaxxing..
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