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Re: Just Can't Get Enough --of Wool -- Saturday

Ok - copying and pasting from my instructions that I sent to the other mama in PMs I'll get this all up w/ pics somewhere for all to see within the next couple of weeks


Your yarn should be just at the inseam of one of the legs (it doesn't really matter which leg it is, but it will be just at the inseam of one of them.) You'll see that the leg near the working yarn needs to come together as a circle. It needs to be joined together. The stitches you are picking up will be what starts to join the leg together.

Now, take your working yarn and you'll be picking up stitches. The easiest way is to use a crochet hook, but you can use the tip of your circs, too. You're going to pull the working yarn through the very edge/side of the gusset - one stitch at a time. Just draw the yarn through stitches at the very edge to form new stitches, and place each new stitch on your circs.

You can do more stitches than 4, but if you're doing the regular 4 stitches in the pattern, you'll form 2 new stitches on each gusset area (2 on the front and 2 on the back).

There may be a tutorial on or youtube for how to pick up stitches. I'm planning on taking some pics the next time I get to that point in the knitting, so I can put it up for people to see. Pics speak a thousand works - LOL!


(The mama then asked about when to start knitting the new stitches in the round...)

There are a couple of ways to do this in the round. I tend to go w/ the simplest way, but if you want to be fancy later on, there are fancier ways. Anyway, what I do is just "go backwards" (left to right) while creating (picking up) the new stitches. Then I knit them first while knitting my first round.
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