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my funny child ** warning some may find this offensive

My DD's class went on a trip today to a museum. Since we live just on the boarder of Quebec and Ontario we go back and forth frequently. We did live in Quebec when DD was little, and still do alot of shopping there.
Because of the way the political situation can sometimes be here and that the province of Quebec keeps threatening to become it's own country we always joke about needing passports when crossing the boarder (which actually is only a bridge across a river).
My sister went on the trip with my LO because I couldn't get time off. Well I guess my DD's teacher doesn't have the same sense of humor because when the kids were on the bus my DD asked one of the other little girls' if she had her passport with her. The little girl apparentally said no and told my DD that you don't need one they were just going to the museum. So my DD very loudly (there were 2 classes, 6 teachers, and parents on the bus) asked my sister if I remembered to put her passport in her backpack because she was sure she would need it. My sister tried to hush my LO. But my LO then asked her teacher if she brought her passport.
I don't think the teacher was amused at all.
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