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Re: Does your baby sleep on back or belly?

Belly since he was 2 weeks old. We started out on back, but he finally let us know in no uncertain terms that he hated it. We tried both sides....with and without a sleep positioner. Forget it.

I truely truely feel there is more to SIDS than just putting a baby on it's back (which is an unnatural position....they naturally prefer the fetal position). Even the wonderful "What to Expect the First Year" says that baby dosn't know what's best for it when it comes to this. Well, my son told me in no uncertain terms that he did know what's best. We don't smoke and we co-sleep, which can be some SIDS reduction factors right there. Also, I personally know of a baby who died of SIDS while on it's back (hence the wording "Putting an infant to sleep on it's back REDUCES the risk of SIDS").

It came down to forcing my son to sleep that way and get up tons of times at night and have little sleep....and I was a ripe candidate for PPD and this definitely would have tipped me over, or allow him to sleep how he wanted, monitor his breathing, and have at least enough sleep to make me functional.
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