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Re: Do you HS a child with 'special needs' ADHD/ADD or the like?

So, we have 5 kids and he's the oldest. Even if we HS'd again there's no way to keep the littles at bay. That was a big part of the problem last year. They were always needing something. I couldn't find anything that would keep all of them busy long enough for school time. Nap time wasn't long enough. We couldn't get up early enough. After bed time for them he's too tired. So, IMO I don't know how to make that happen for him. I don't know HOW to remove all the distracts in any setting for him. I feel like he HAS to learn to function with them to some extent b/c they will always be there. Either in our family or in the work place...and I know that't the future NOT now...but I really don't know HOW to remove them all. My kids are really young so there's no really - go entertain yourselves for hours on end type of thing that's going to happen realistically.

In PS that is a problem the teachers have pointed out - the distractions. We are trying to be creative on how to minimize those and help him work through and around those. So, I'm open to suggestions there too.

It's a frustrating place to be. At least he's happy...and at least he's grasping the concepts...he's just having a hard time putting them back down on paper when it comes time for that. Sigh...

I've looked into K12...maybe not for next year, but for when he's a better reader and self-manager of his own time with a little help from me. I know a lot of people here don't like it. But, he really likes the computer. And he likes to manage his own progress and move on when he gets something or spend more time when he doesn't. I'm thinking of doing that when he nears middle school since I know teachers there aren't as accommodating as they are in elem. school. Then, he can't fight with me about assignments and can self manage and the other kids wont' get in the way of 'school' as much.
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