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Re: Melatonin...weighted blanket..asbergers.. or spd?

We use Meletonin every night for my nine year old. We were told to by the doctor and any off the pills we get will work and does not matter if it is a 1 mg or a 3 mg. We give him two 3mg because he has severe night terrors and sleep walking doing dangerous things. If we miss a night he is up.
Also my son who is eleven was just diagnosed a year ago being on the ASD and he is extremely intellegent and this is why we battled with schools to test him for IEPs to help him stay on task and deal with his behaviors. Now we finally have help for him. Even though he tests in high school levels did not mean he did not have a form of autism. it is still in question if he his High functioning or aspergers. DOes not really matter since they will all be labled autism.
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