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Re: to circ or not to circ

Originally Posted by lynn97 View Post
I disagree. There are plenty of safe ways to circumcise if a proper method is chosen and a well-trained individual is doing it. No medical procedure is ever 100% risk-free, though.

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Originally Posted by Green Decals View Post
I disagree with you here - there simply is no safe way to do it - even with the most highly trained mohel or urologist, and the "safest" methods, and meticulous aftercare, the risk infection, bleeding, amputation, etc is still there. As for older boys/men "having to have it done because of health problems" - most of those are unnecessary, caused by improper care - that is, it wasn't simply left alone. Sadly, despite plummeting circ rates, many doctors still tell parents that they need to retract their son's foreskin at every diaper change. This is extremely dangerous, excruciatingly painful, and leads to those infections/health problems you mentioned. The ONLY proper way to care for a natural penis is to wipe it clean, like a finger. The foreskin is tightly adhered to the penis like a fingernail is to a finger. The only person who should ever attempt to retract a boy's penis is the boy himself, when it is retractable, sometime between toddlerhood and the end of puberty. Every single doctor we saw in my son's first month of life wanted to "peek" at his urethra - just leave it alone, and make sure everyone else does. I equate the misinformation of the need for forced retraction with a doctor telling parents to douche their girls.

There is no perfectly safe way to cut off a newborn's necessary parts. All surgeries carry risks.

Originally Posted by lynn97 View Post
I will respectfully disagree with you still. I have known several men who have struggled with infections and had to be circumcised later in life. There many more risks for adult circumcision.

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Funny that this "had to be circed as an adult" thing pretty much only happens in the US...

And the risks are much lower for adults. In addition an adult can choose for themselves whether or not to have this procedure.
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