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Re: Gentle covers for trifolding?

Originally Posted by lady longs View Post
I am loving my Diaper Safari one size covers right now! They're really soft, supple, stretchy. Super effective. Cute colors. They fit my nearly 3 year old awesome - he's nowhere near outgrowing them - still has a full row of rise snaps and tons of waist snaps to grow on. It will definitely fit him until he doesn't need diapers anymore.

They're less than $9 with free shipping at the most expensive rate - $8.25 when you buy 3 or more. Gets less at like 6 covers too. I think they have a free cover right now with an order of around $35, but I am not certain.

I padfold my flats in them and they work awesome so I am sure that trifolding prefolds would work great.

There's several threads about them and I think everyone is super happy with them.

I have also been super impressed with their customer service on 3 occassions. 1) I placed an order about 8 hours before a sale began and they honored the sale after the fact 2) They matched a donation of mine for a refugee family - I donated 2 covers and they donated 2 covers. 3) There was some stitching coming out of one of my new covers - I emailed them with pics of the stitching. They promptly responded that they would send me a new one (which shipped within a few hours). They're sending me a postage paid mailer for me to mail back the defective cover.

I am extremely impressed with their company, their product, and their price point. I anticipate supporting them for awhile.
ditto this!
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