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Re: Help with Ameda pump and increasing supply

I'm having better luck with the pump, I think it was a combination of factors. My supply has tanked though for sure. I get next to nothing out of my left side, but I am getting almost an ounce out of my right per pumping. I'm hoping that I can improve this.

We're still going to work on our latch issues, and I will try what you've said. I can't get a hold of the LC again until Monday, so I'll page her first thing then and see if we can do a one on one meeting and figure out exactly what's going on.

I'm also going to call the dr back and ask about the vomiting again. I don't know what constitutes "projectile" but where it was initially just "rolling out of his mouth", it's now got some force behind it. Last night it was like a fountain out of him while laying down (over an hour after his feeding), and just now he managed to cover my entire chest from holding him in a cradle hold (like up higher than my breast). This was almost an hour and a half after a feed. Both times were after being burped and held upright for a minimum of 30 minutes... He also seems to fuss more after throwing/spitting up than he does before? I would think if he's just "too full" and spitting up then he would be more comfortable after, no?

This is all very confusing and I feel so entirely clueless about fixing this

We've started the new formula, the alimentum that she gave us samples of....and I've cut milk out, but I've read that takes up to three weeks to leave my system I not give him breastmilk during that time? or do I continue to do so even if it's making him sick? It seems like a catch-22 either way
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