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Update: DH got his dream job!! We're moving back to Seattle! I found an Earthy shop here so I bought a green prosperity candle and heart candle holder and lit the candle while he was interviewing. I think it helped because he was offered an awesome salary and an amazing move package!!!! So excited!

Off topic - since DDs birthday is in February, just after Yule and Christmas, I'm thinking about making one of the spring/summer Pagan holidays a gift giving holiday. For me growing up, I got presents on Christmas, April birthday, and back to school supplies, not a lot in between. For little toddlers 6 months is a huge development change and I want to get her a couple age appropriate toys at 18 months. Since I grew up having to wait for gifts, needing a reason is ingrained in me. Do you think Beltane, Ludghnassah, or Midsummer would be a more major gift holiday?

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