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Re: Nearing the 3rd Tri - Come and chat 7/7 to 7/13

I'm doing good, but unmotivated to do much, lol. Am recuperating from a brothers wedding last week...feeling really big since people are starting to say so. (I am always so polite but really want to chew them out,lol)

Don't have to do the gd test, yay. This is our fifth and I've actually never had it, even when I was at the BC. I'm glad, though! I may get a finger prick, but that's it.
Baby is good; he kicks me alot.
I have an appt tomorrow. I love my appts! We travel 2 hrs for them, and dh goes with me--we make a day date of it! No kids, good food, shopping and a fun visit withthe mw.
I am mostly ready aside from hb supplies. Just kickin' it on DS, lol.
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