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Re: Nearing the 3rd Tri - Come and chat 7/7 to 7/13

Originally Posted by talitha View Post
Hi everyone!
I am feeling huge. I've only gained 11 lbs at this point, but I feel like he is in my ribs and kicking my bladder at the same time! I'm only really comfortable when laying down or standing, but am having trouble sleeping at night. I feel like all this is starting earlier than it did with my son. Doc said that is normal for your second, and I am 35 now so I'm old lol.

I have a ton of stuff on my list to sew and can't seem to make myself get started. I want to make a Baby K'tan knock off, wet bags, newborn dipes and prefolds, etc. tell me to get started!!!!!
I haven't gained any weight (lost 13 and I've kept it off somehow) and I still feel the same thing. Baby somehow kicks/hits both ends. Just started this week but it makes me laugh. I'm sure soon it will be painful! Not to discourage you from being crafty but has several discounted Baby K'tans right now.

Originally Posted by QTMom View Post
Unfortunately, I am a bigger person to begin with, so most people assume I am just gaining weight in the tummy area. No one knows I am pregnant unless I tell them. I received the weirdest compliment by DH's aunt saying "Yeah, you are starting to actually look pregnant." I was like good because I am 27 weeks and I should be looking pregnant.
I caught up with a friend today for the first time in a few months and she said "You don't even look pregnant" I replied Thanks but I'm going for the pregnant not fat look, lol.

Originally Posted by EuphoricDysphoria View Post
Haha awe, cute!

I have another appointment on Monday and I'm worried I may have GD this time
I'm worried about the same. I feel funky if I don't eat protein at each meal and I'm being treated with 17P to prevent preterm labor. It increases my chances. I keep checking my phone for a call from the doctor saying I failed miserably.
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