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Re: Reflux or something else? (Swallow study?)

I would push for a referral to a developmental ped. This sounds exactly like my son. It didn't get better til we switched to a G-J tube. We were doing one ounce every 45 minutes in his NG, and he was still puking, and then we did continuous feeds through the G tube at 30 mL an hour, and he still puked. We tried a bunch of motility aids, with no luck.

Swallow study is actually really cool, and easy. If you find nothing, ask for gastric emptying and upper GI. Also ask for a RAST (blood) allergy test. It is just a blood draw, and may find a hidden allergy. We found our son was allergic to soy, and he had shown no "classic" symptoms.

Elecare is magic, and might help too. Now my son is on Peptamin Jr, and has done well. But Elecare really helped.

IMO, Zantac does nothing for most kids. Prilosec was the one that helped us most, but some kids do better on Prevacid. We had to get a good healthy dose to help DS. Our ped only wrote for half of what GI wrote for!

If your ped is blowing you off and telling you it is a "laundry problem" (what we were told forever), push to see someone else. Constant vomitting leads to food aversion and feeding problems later on. In my experience, Developmental Peds are often better than GI docs at this kind of stuff.
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