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Re: S/O kids hair

Have long hair (boy) Working on it!
Have short hair (girl) Not my girl. Her hair just wouldn't work short IMO. Very fine texture, and with patches of curly & straight hair - it would be a pain. But a different girl with different hair, yeah.
Have no hair? Heh. Not on purpose.
Have blue hair? Temporarily. Maybe something more permanent when they're older.
Have a mohawk? Did so last spring. He had a pretty tall Mohawk going for a couple weeks. Then we trimmed it down to a short one for a while longer. Went to Seaworld when he had the tall Mohawk. (He was 6.) he loooved all the looks he got.
Have dreads? Again, neither of my kids has hair that would do it well. With hair that works well for it, sure. I like kids with dreads.
Have a mullet? I choose to believe that neither of them would ever want one.

Edited to add:

The green washed out. He loved the mohawk, but got tired of it after a couple weeks.

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