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Originally Posted by mommy2wyatt View Post

AFM: Totally OT but We got our feathery babies yesterday!

We ended up getting 6, I wanted 10-12 but thats all she had. I think it'll be ok because I wanted to get a few of a different breed that lays colorful 'easter eggs'.
We are going to look at vans tonight. Theres only 1 that we are pretty serious about buying if the price is right. So we'll see!
Hooray! They are so cute!

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post

really nothing very pregnancy related going on. I started stressing irrationally (or is it rational?) about possible placenta accretia. So, gonna ask the OB about that on Friday. Ever since I started drinking the RRL tea, I get pulses of sharp pain across the top of my uterus. Which is where Star's placenta is attached. I dunno.. prolly nothing, but I do wonder where my scar is. Anyone ever deal with placentas on top of uterine scars?

um... oh yeah... and I guess I win when it comes to names :P DH asked me the other day 'so, do we have names?' and I said 'Luke or Astrid' and he's like 'alright'. But he was talking to someone from our last base on the phone the other day who suggested 'April' (which is DH's top pick), so he's been boasting about how other people think it's a great choice as well.

I'm getting slightly concerned about the popularity of Astrid since everyone seems to think I got it from 'the Office', which I didn't.. but now I wonder if it's going to be crazy popular because of that show, but I haven't heard from anyone else about naming their child this.. I do know 3 Avery's about to be born this year though.
I read that the c-sec incision is normally in the lower segment of the uterus. Its only higher if there's a crazy rush to get baby out or if the placenta is in the way (placenta previa). Also, when my mfm checked me for accerta (more common with placenta previa)he said it was a painless, symptom-less condition. Its only diagnosed by US (and even then not absolutely) or at delivery/post delivery. So I wouldn't worry! Maybe still ask about the pain, but wouldn't worry about accerta.
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