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when do you know when you're *done* having babies?

i have 3 LO's now- my oldest dd will be 5 in sept and starting kindergarten , my ds will be 3 in less than 2 weeks and baby girl is already 3 months (today). dh and i have been talking about #4. right after 2nd dd was born, i swore i'd never have 3 preschoolers again, but now that we've adjusted to our schedule, why not add one more? my dh will deploy in jan and (hopefully) be back in june/july. i'm thinking of getting pg again in nov/dec so that i'll be due in aug/sept. he's thinking of applying for a master's program through the marine corps, so he probably won't deploy again.
anyway, do you ever feel done? some days, i admit, i feel somewhat overwhelmed with just 3, but then i still don't feel like our family is complete. i do think 4 is our limit though.
so those of you who are done having kids, what made your decision? was it just financial or feeling like you couldn't care for more emotionally (without taking away from the others)? financially we can afford it. is there ever a 'satisfied' done feeling?

it doesn't help that #3 has been, by far, my easiest baby
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