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Originally Posted by wordmama
I've been living this for the past six years. I highly recommend getting a cleaner to do a deep, thorough clean once a week (I like Fridays so I can enjoy my clean house all weekend)! My DH smokes, so I told him that my cleaner cost less than his smoking so unless he wants to cut both out of the budget, we're keeping her. It's my only indulgence!

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Yup yup yup!! I spoke to a cleaner over the weekend. It'll be $40 for 2 hours a week for her to come in and do the floors, baseboards, dusting and a good clean on the kids' bathroom.

Dh thinks I'm silly, because all these things are on the chore list, but have you ever seen a teenage boy clean "well"? lol

With dh working M-F 7-4 and me working shifts and putting in 60-80hrs a week, I want to just be able to come home, throw in some laundry, load the dishwasher and tidy up. I want to spend time with THEM!
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