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My son will be 9M 10/13 & he won't touch puréed baby food. I'm lucky if I can get a spoonful in him every couple of days. As another momma suggested, I started giving him more finger foods. I steam fruits & veggies & chop them fine w/food process, but still w/ enough texture that they aren't completely mushy. Then he can pick it up w/ his hands, but still a bit smaller than I would chop w/a knife. Quite messy, but he eats so much more that way. He also loves those yogurt & veggie melts, but my kids are early teeth getters. He's cutting #8 already! Ouch!

I also talked to my pediatrician & he said all my DS really needs is my BM for the 1st year, so not to stress if he's picky & doesn't eat much. It's more for skills development than nutrition at this point.
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