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Re: Freezer recipes- that accomodate allergies

I have also made fried chicken and frozen it in gallon sized zip lock bags. I got the idea from those boxes of banquet fried chicken you can buy in the grocery store and heat up in the oven, LOL.

The fried chicken I freeze isn't as good as when i have cooked it fresh, but it is just as good as the banquet stuff, lol.

Just reheat in the oven on a cookie sheet for like 30 or 40 minutes.

My very messy fried chicken recipe (which is from my Andy Griffith recipe book, so it is really Aunt Bea's fried chicken recipe ):

Buy a ten pound bag of chicken leg quarters. Wash the chicken. Cut the thighs and legs apart. Cut all the fat chunks and icky stuff off. I end up with about 20 peices of chicken, so that is about the right amount for two dinners, plus someone will eat the extra piece or two the next day.

You need three large cool whip bowls. Or equivalent sized bowls. One bowl half full of milk, one bowl half full of beaten eggs, one bowl 2/3 full of flour with generous salt and pepper mixed in.

First soak however many pieces of chicken you can fit in the bowl in with the milk.

Then take out a few pieces and put them in with the eggs. The eggs act like "glue" to keep the flour batter on. Then take out each piece of chicken and cover thoroughly in the flour. Then put the chicken directly into a frying pan that is 1/3 full of hot cooking oil. It takes 6 or seven pieces of chicken before my frying pan is full. Let it fry maybe 15 minutes before you turn it.

After each piece has cooked maybe 40 minutes, cut into a thigh and make sure there is no more pink near the bones. If there is no pink, it is done. take it out and set on a plate lined with paper towels.

My hubby thinks my fried chicken is too greasy, but most people love it.

Thw whole process of prepping and cooking an entire ten pound bag of chicken takes about three hours. Plus another hour to clean up the huge mess.

Oh -- after I posted, I reread your post. No eggs. Never mind on the fried chicken recipe. Sorry.

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