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Lightbulb Tommee Tippee & Nuk bottles, bottle warmer, insulated bag, Boppy, dishwasher basket

Everything you need to bottle feed! All in EUC unless otherwise noted. Want multiples? Make me an offer!!!!

Boppy pillow, green fleece cover - Will fit in FRB, so $30ppd
pics to come, thought i had one!

Lot of Bottles - $45ppd
There is a mix of nipples for the Tommee Tippees: all flows, some anti-colic. I'm sure most people will buy new nipples, but let me know if you need a list of the types. Bottles retail for $9.99 each and $5.99 for extra nipples, so I paid at least $80 just for the bottles! Here's where I got them:

Tommee Tippee bottles, 3 small, 5 oz.
Tommee Tippee bottles, 5 large, 9 oz.
Various nipples, including sensitive tummy/anti-colic extras
Nuk bottles (I'll just throw these in!)

Munchkins Dishwasher basket - $5ppd

Bottle bag, Avent - $5ppd

Car bottle warmer, Munchkin - $10ppd
I don't even think this was ever used!

Squint Print: I have looked over all items to the best of my abilities and have noted anything I can. But I am human. Any questions: please ask! Once PP addy is requested and sent, payment is kindly expected within 4 hours. I can usually get to the PO within 24 hours. Prices include shipping and DC, but not insurance. Add $2.00 if you would like me to insure it. U.S. shipping only at this time and parcel post will be used as much as possible. Thanks for looking!

Check out all of my listings and get great deals for multiple purchases!
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Tommee Tippee & Nuk bottles, bottle warmer, insulated bag, Boppy, dishwasher basket
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