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Re: Grovia Aplex (Hook & Loop) vs Snaps

Originally Posted by addicteddad View Post
Sorry to bump an old thread, but I'm considering buying a couple snap shells despite the fact that I love the H&L already. Do the snap shells gap more at the legs than H&L in Grovias? Any other fit issues with one over the other?
We love the H&L because of the wide panel and the ability to alter how it fits around DS's thighs. The snaps, because the are single row and up high seem like they might gap in the crotch area .

I would think any gap in the crotch could be fixed by adjusting the rise snaps, there is a hip snap on the inside of the tabs, it's not just the one snap at the center that is easy to see in pictures. I usually put the hip snap at the 2nd snap in from the ends, and the waist snaps meet at the middle, with the shell on the middle rise setting for my 18 month old, I tried with the rise unsnapped the other day and I had to move the hip snaps in to the 4th snap (because he is super scrawny in the waist) and he got a bit of wing droop, but not in the crotch area. So for my son, I get a much better fit with a lower rise and the diaper resting across his hips, well below the belly button. I don't use the hook and loop unless I'm using a disposable soaker, so it's hard to compare the fit with that.
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