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Prefolds, Flats, Doublers, AIO, Fitteds, Covers, Woolies! Motivated Seller!


EUC GMD Preemie Organic Prefolds - 1 Dozen. $24ppd

1 Dozen Newborn Unbleached GMD Prefolds - SECONDS quality - These were used at unpaper towels around my house for spills and such. Super absorbent, have some stains from those spills (coffee, dirt, etc. Still useable. Some sides aren't even. $27ppd

Dozen VGUC Small Diaper Rite Unbleached Prefolds - Slightly pilly from use. $27ppd

EEUC 3 Preemie bleached indian cotton prefolds $10ppd

3 Medium unbleached indian cotton prefolds, GUC $11ppd

Newborn unbleached indian prefolds - 10 of these, $25ppd


I have a dozen Large Diaper Rite Unbleached Flats for sale, These are in EUC, soft and fluffy, super absorbent, no staining. These are heavy to ship.

$30ppd for all, or $16ppd for 6. Reducing to $14ppd for 6 and $27ppd for all!


These are awesome. Side snapping organic cotton fitteds. Super absorbent and soft. Awesome for overnight even with a heavy wetter. I think one of the snaps broke but I'll have to double check, I don't think it interferes with function. Fits a wide variety of babies. No stains or stinks, EUC.

7 Small and 1 Medium. Asking $80ppd!


NEwborn Bummi's Superlite wrap. Washed once, never worn. $12ppd


Large SBish Berry longies, Bought new by me, detagged, lanoed and worn once. Just too big for my girl. Love these. Berry is the squishiest SBish knit. Lovely! Matches so much this season. Looks a little fuzzy, will wash and shave before sending.



Hemp lot - Babykicks hemp prefold (preemie, used as a doubler) HempBabies doubler, and Babykicks night time hemp doubler $18ppd

Cotton Lot - 3 Cotton Sherpa GMD small doublers and 1 Small GMD unbleached cotton doubler - $13ppd

or buy both for $29ppd!


I have a vanilla Grovia AIO, was worn only 3 times. No stains. $23ppd. Reducing to $20ppd!

I discount for multiples, please feel free to make an offer if your family could use these items, I need them sold ASAP and am willing to give you a deal!
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