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Re: Top ten reasons not to circumcise your son

This video is a must watch.

The Ethics of Male Circumcision
Talk given by Brian Earp, Research Associate, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics
Oxford U.K. 7th June 2013

some excerpts
"It became clear to the medical establishment that the health benefits being cited for circumcision were largely spurious. They didn't apply to infants since they mostly had to do with STDs, which babies are not prone to getting and that any health benefits that could be gained could be gained more easily, more effectively, more ethically, less risk fully, and less invasively by other means, including basic hygiene (and condoms)."

“UTI are extremely rare for boys and this is a general thing to look out for when people are talking about supposed health benefits. If the disease is something like penile cancer which is almost non existent it is so rare and only happens in older men or even if you are talking about HIV, you have to remember the base rates for these issues are very, very low. So UTIs, for example, these happen about 1% of the time for boys, and you have to perform 111 circumcisions on the most conservative estimate to prevent just 1 single case of UTI. - What you should do is just prescribe oral antibiotics in the rare case that it does occur. And that's what we do for girls which get UTIs ten times more frequently. Nobody recommends any sort of preventative surgery for girls.”

“About 15 years ago a group of Somali immigrants took their daughters to a Harvard medical center and asked if they could be circumcised to fulfill a perceived cultural obligation. Doctors there suggested a ritual nick. They would take a razor blade and make a very small incision in the clitoral hood, which is the same tissue as the foreskin in the male. Now, unlike male circumcision they were not going to remove any tissue. No function would be destroyed, no sensation would be diminished, the clitoris would not be exposed, irritated or dried out and all this would happen under anesthesia so the girls wouldn’t feel any pain.......... As you can probably imagine, the anti-FGM movement particularly in the US responded to this proposal that no cutting of any kind, to any degree, for any reason should happen to any girls genitals under any circumstances. I want to draw a contrast here to the universal outrage of the mere idea of a pinpick on a girl's clitoral hood, which I agree should not be done, and the deafening silence that we hear about the total removal of boys' foreskins happening on a daily basis and millions of times each year. I think it is time to start thinking about extending to newborn boys at least a fraction of ethical and legal protections we extend to girls.”
Female Genital Mutilation was made ILLEGAL in 1996
Mommy to M (9/09) & G (4/12) & expecting Feb 2014

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