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Re: Not allowed on Field Trip if I breastfeed

Originally Posted by beesbaby2 View Post
Not everyone is comfortable with NIP, but we are all trying to give our babies the best nutrition possible.

How about a little constructive advice instead of all the bashing. No need to say anything back to me, I will go somewhere else for support.
Good luck with that, you won't find a board EVER that is completely and totally supportive and drama free, not a board full of women anyway.

I was never comfortable with NIP either. I did it when I had to but that was it, I would just CRINGE every time. Still, it is because I KNOW how people can be about NIP. I don't think it is right either, I think that we need to fight this because if we don't, breastfeeding rates will NEVER go up. Breastfeeding moms giving in to the "breasts are sexual, therefore they shouldn't be seen by kids above the age of ..." is not going to help. Do we go all stripper dance about it? NO! Just be natural and do what you need to do to take care of your child. That's all you can do. And yeah, I tried to pump bottles to take with and have other people give her a bottle when we were out. It never really worked.

Hmm, that reminded me of a story that a mom wrote on her blog about TRYING to be discreet and find a private to nurse her child. Yeah, found the perfect spot too, a bench in Central Park that was anything BUT private because it was where all the tour guides stopped. Oops.
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