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Re: Not allowed on Field Trip if I breastfeed

When I was a kid, bottles used to make me feel a little embarrassed- I mean it is a replica of a nipple!

And really, the kids most likely would never even notice the baby nursing! And even if they did notice, they would most likely not catch a glimpse of anything at all- and again, *if* they saw something, it would most likely be less than what they might see some chick at the park with a low-slung shirt on.

There was a mom with a 7 wk old at our local mall who was nursing with a blanket covering the baby and she was made to leave by the security guard. Ridiculous. And, legal! The mall is private property. Luckily, we convinced them to change their policy to now allow it- that mom went to the newspaper and she, along with outraged mothers, is what changed that policy! We need more people to stick up for the right to BF anywhere and everywhere. The reason it happened is b/c people have this attitude that feeding a baby with a boob should be a private act. If we lived in a culture with high BFing rates, no one would blink an eye at it.

So, OP- you may be saving another mother the hassle by sticking up for yourself! Good for you

Also, again, I along with what seems like many who are posting here, have rarely seen a mother NIP that was not discrete. It is not like the OP was ever planning on taking her shirt off at the park to feed the baby!
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