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Re: Anyone have a kiddo like mine?

I have a daughter that has sensory processing disorder but is sensory seeking...She also had low muscle tone and has acid reflux (I think she has grown out of it though)...She too is delayed with fine and gross motor skills too! The speech part of the delay is because of her low muscle tone and the walking delay is because the the sensory seeking disorder. My daughter has never had a feeding tube, but she has also never lost weight except for about 6 ounces right after she was born. She has been given the FTT label because she does weigh a lot...She does gain, just slowly!

Do they know why she is falling behind? Does she have PT/OT and speech therapy? Have you done any testing to see if there are any underlying issues (I.E., hearing tests, etc.)? Has she seen a developmental pediatrician? If not, I would request it! They test for anything and everything (neurological, etc.) My daughter is going to be seeing one next month.

Just know that everything will get better...If you have any questions, let me know!
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