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No, not at all normal. Some exams are state required like in mine they require an HIV test (2) which my own OB doesn't think is necessary with most of his patients. He gave me the option to opt-out of almost everything except the GD test and the 20 week scan to look over the anatomy. I opted-in and signed for each test. He even had me down for the quad and then decided I didn't need it based on my DS odds. They don't induce before 39 weeks at my hospital unless it's absolutely medically necessary. Actually, I think they have to send you to a different hospital. They do not do elective c-sections, either. They are very good about explaining each and every option.

I would look for another doctor ASAP and not waste time. Ask your questions on the first visit and make sure your OB listens to YOU. Unless he is the only doctor in town, you do hire your doctor, not the other way around.
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