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Re: First time with an OB...Normal?

oh and re: birth plans...

from what I have heard and from my own experience, birth plans pretty much get ignored most of the time. Even the "well-written" ones. Once you are in the hospital, you are in their system, and you basically have a hard fight to do things differently from their "policies" They really don't give a rat's backside what your birth plan says. I assume there are *some* (like a handful, probably... somewhere...) hospital personnel who will read it and actually try to follow it. But for the most part, the general consensus is, "You're here, we know what's best, that's WHY you are here, now let us do our job." I've heard stories of medical people reading and scoffing/openly mocking birth plans.

Anyway, don't think a birth plan, no matter how detailed or well written will save you from a doctor with a serious God Complex.
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