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Re: Should I try and get my kids chicken pox?

My oldest (13) had 2 shots for pox and got them on her face and neck. I was really quick, and healed in about 5 days (enough to go to school). Then the baby (1 week before 12 months) got them on her legs and belly, she had no pox vaccine and she was healed up in about 2 weeks. She was young enough to not really know how to scratch or pick so it was rather nice. Luckily it wasn't a bad case for not having he vax. In between the 2 girls getting them DS had about 5 spots on his face (1 vaccine shot) and healed really fast too.

Soooo.....that's my only experience....for our family I am no longer giving anyone the pox vaccine, if it becomes an issue I will get everyone tested but I am pretty confident we are good to go.
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