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How much have you spent and saved?

When I first started Cding with DS it was to contain bf poop and find a solution to his constant rashes. Saving money was a plus. As a guess I beleive I spent about $450-$600 on DS and started him at 3 months old. That contains BG 4.0 BG 3.0, Flips, inserts, three wetbags...and I think that's it.

For little one on the way I added 6 thirsties covers, a travel wetbag, snappis, and prefolds for aboutb$130.

So maybe a total of $570-$720

Oh that's doesn't include laundry soap. I may add a few accessories, but undecided as to what

As for saving $... I feel like I did with DS and with the one I really feel like we are saving!
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