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Re: How much have you spent and saved?

We didn't save a darn thing, actually CDing was more $$ than sposies.... we tried everything, and then settled on Bamboozle fitteds. We collected 3 dozen of them, only to have DS1 outgrow the size 2s at a year! With DS2 we do better with, as Prime Members, with the subscribe and save option. Pampers are delivered to our door and cost us about $40-50/month ($ 1440-1800 for 3 years), whereas 3 stashes of 3 dozen bamboo fitteds costing $15 used-$20 new equalled $1620-2160 as a total investment... not to mention the added cost of covers, laundering, etc. Although, I have to admit... I miss it, it just doesn't fit our lifestyle anymore, since we are both working full time.
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