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Re: labour?

Originally Posted by MSweeten
I feel for you! I'm in the same boat. the 9th month HAS got to be the longest! It's annoying having all these symptoms, and still not knowing when.... my ob says once it starts I'll wonder why I wanted it to. I can't tell you how many times I've been woken up in the night, thinking this is it, only to wake up several hours later and feel almost normal again.
The one I loved hearing was "when you're in labor, you won't have to'll KNOW." Well, 45 minutes before my son was born, I was trying to convince my husband to go back to work because nothing was going to happen...and that was after my water had broken! Like I said before, even while I was pushing (two pushes and that was it!) I didn't believe I was delivering the baby, I thought I was just pooping. Now this time, my MW teases me when I freak out about every little thing (you know, like contractions 6 minutes apart at 23 weeks, fluid leaking at 28 weeks, little things!) and I keep trying to make myself relax and believe that if it's really serious, we'll know in a couple of hours but I just can't help wondering....
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