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Re: At what age?

my son did that too, say I pooped right after he went. what we did with him was at about 20mos when we could tell he was about to go poop(he would disapear to go be alone) we would run to the bathroom and put him on the big toilet. then we worked on pee by just letting him go whenever we thought about it or would ask him and let him try but basically at 2 yrs old we decided to stop using diapers and it was spring when he turned 2 so he would spend a lot of time bottomless and pee outside that whole spring and summer. so by about 28 mos he had stopped having accidents during the day and at night. he would wake to pee if he had to go at night and occasionally would be too busy playing to make
himself go and have an accident but rarely. Also he was pretty regular with poops so we knew.he went wvwry morning abd then sometimes a second time but he was poopibg on the potty exclisively before his 2nd bday. If shes gives any clues or has a normal time of day she goes thats a good place to start. at least you know shes aware of it and can communicate that, but if we would have waited for my son to tell us it would have always been too late.
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