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modifying a Nourishing Traditions diet?

I've become interested in the Nourishing traditions diet to work on healing IBS. My IBS is allergy induced however (it is simply impossible to eliminate all food allergens at this time b/c of how they dominoed), which makes any dietary changes whatsoever extremely tricky.

So essentially I have four primary things limiting how far I can go with a NT diet (1) food allergies which, for instance, limit my produce consumption, (2) foods that worsen my immune disorder which would include *all* fungal items like kombucha and most fermented anything (I have balsamic vinegar about twice a year, lol), (3) lack of availability of truly grass-fed beef (as opposed to Laura's Lean) and raw milk, and (4) limited energy and resources to make any special recipes.

Starting today, I will cook my brown rice using her method (I was already soaking it for 1-2 hours before cooking; now I will add lemon juice and make it 7). I'm sure this rice will get extraordinarily boring. If you have tips on where to somewhat affordably purchase NT friendly baked-good types of items pre-made, I'd be interested.

I already only buy raw cow cheese when I buy cow products (the slightly cheaper sheep cheese that I get is not raw).

I already take a good amount of Klaire Labs Therbiotic Complete every day, a more hypoallergenic alternative to kefir.

I'm sipping a bit of Imagine brands organic chicken broth before meals. (I love to make my own and know that broth makes me feel good but rarely have the ingredients, energy, and time, so for daily use like this it is going to have to be a compromise on both the diet ideals and my budget. I will try to make my own more often though.)

I have already largely switched from chicken breasts to chicken thighs, although that is requiring some adjustment. I have doubts that liver will make it to my plate, but the thighs do accomplish some of their goals.

I can also greatly decrease my consumption of brown rice and tapioca breads, focusing more on soaked rice for my carbs. (I am gluten free.)

I can increase my fat intake slightly but know I am limited in that regards (e.g., I can only handle very tiny amounts of coconut oil). The next time I stock up on powdered goats' milk I can get full fat instead of nonfat. The butter I have access to is organic but neither grass only nor raw.

I am pretty sensitive to fish and can not handle the majority of cod liver supplements on the market; therefore I am extremely wary of making the huge investment in a FCLO trial. If you relate to my dilemma and had success, feel free to try to talk me into it.

I already almost never have sugars (just stevia), and if I do it is something like a Mary's Gone Crackers organic ginger snap (fwiw, I cannot digest "go raw" brand snacks). I do have a small jar of local raw honey.

At least by next fall, I will be able to get raw almonds from my food co-op that I can sprout. I can perhaps soak chia seeds a lot in the interim.

Thanks to purchases of a bushel of organic apples and a 3/4 bushel of kiwi, most of my fruit intake and some of my vegetable intake is already organic, although that will actually be harder for me in the summer months (I generally lack affordable access to those readily perishable organic summer fruits).

Does anyone here have good experience with modifying this diet and experiencing healing? Any tips?

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