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Originally Posted by debcita429
Sarah-B, you really have such a gift for encouragement. Thank you! And it is extra great to hear that you still smell ok when you miss a day or part of one (that would be the long-lasting properties of the zinc and sage there). It's not the end of the world for me when I miss a day now either, although it's not great either (I really do best with it every day). I do find, however, that if I have missed a shower and so still have the prior day's application on me, I do not necessarily need to reapply or may be able to freshen it w/ merely a stroke of my diaperstick or a little coconut oil. Some people do find that with zinc they can skip days.

And you, too, Pinktoes--great to hear how well it is working!

I'm a fan of the sage scent myself, lol. Every once in a while I toy around with the idea of making other scents that contain the same amount of sage just so that people have variety, should they tire of the one scent. But I simply think that is the nicest blend with the sage.

Sunscreen: I've tried some DIY nano-zinc sunscreen on myself (not with the beeswax and everything, just as a quick freeze in coconut oil, shea, and bug deterrent EOs; however, the zinc still settled on the bottom, so it took effort to blend on the skin evenly). My conclusion, honestly, is that I think I would just buy sunscreen if it were not for the fact that I already have the supplies. The zinc goes on awfully white, although it does fade away after a bit. And I just don't think DIY would easily approximate the waterproof and sweatproof nature of the more natural options on the regular market. Now, I wasn't even trying to make a waterproof DIY this time around, but I think it would be difficult. Also, due to allergies and heat sensitivity, I spend little time outside with which to test it (and am often trying to get my vitD when I am out). I would want to believe in something before recruiting testers. Thank you so much for your encouragement though .
Oh ok I gotcha on the sunscreen for sure. It does seem hard to get just right. In August after our family camping trip that is coming up I plan on getting my hands on some ingredients so I can try it out. Debcita429 where do you purchase your ingredients? I would love to order from a place that someone else has had a good experience
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