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Re: Gentle but STRONG natural Deodorant and Diaper Rash Treatments

Originally Posted by Sarah-B View Post
Oh ok I gotcha on the sunscreen for sure. It does seem hard to get just right. In August after our family camping trip that is coming up I plan on getting my hands on some ingredients so I can try it out. Debcita429 where do you purchase your ingredients? I would love to order from a place that someone else has had a good experience
Well, the list is pretty diffuse, so I'm not sure how much this helps. I get my zinc from essential depot on amazon. I get various base oils from swansons or vitacost. I bought a huge amount of organic beeswax on eBay. I guess those are the things you would need for sunscreen. I would suggest tinting the sunscreen to help make up for the whiteness, but I've never yet bought minerals for that purpose myself. If you are wanting to make something in a stick form, I like the roll ups from Elements Bath and Body and would recommend their mini-whisks as well. IME, a LOT of product sticks to a spatula no matter how quickly you get it off the heat.
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