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Re: No grain diet...anyone do this? EIlimination diet question

Mama, I feel for you. We went through the same thing with my son. I found his eczema responded best when I was dairy and gluten-free. Dairy is a common flare-up instigator in my experience. I've also done this with my daughter, but it was much easier since we've been there before.

Rice pastas and breads are available, but most of them taste awful and are really gluey. I've found the best pasta substitutes are corn pastas. Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) is another wonderful substitute for pasta and bread. It is very nutritious and also has a nice nutty taste. Look for a store that specializes in Celiac Disease products in your area. They're probably the most knowledgeable for products that actually taste good! I can give you a few specific brands we love if you want to PM me.

I'd strongly encourage you to keep EBF for as long as you can! Although it's hard on us mamas, it really helps to strengthen your daughter's digestive system and her immunities.
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