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rebuilding my supply... please help!

OK here's the sitch. I had to go away for 6 days and the baby was spoiled rotten by MIL while I was away. I left more than enough expressed milk for him and he had no problems in that way. And he has no problems latching on or being interested in the breast now that Im home.

I pumped as much as was possible while away, but the circumstances were tough and i could only pump around every 6 hours with my hand pump. Needless to say the volume I pumped wasnt what he was drinking. The day before I came home I pumped 20.5 ounces, so I thought that was pretty good and my supply must not have decreased that much.

But now, in the afternoon feedings, the baby nurses a little then gets super frustrated and angry. He'll suck a few seconds, pop off and scream, then smash his face in for another try. I feel awful b/c I think it must be my supply., but Ive been trying to hang in there b/c I know my supply should rebound naturally right?!

Its been three days now and Im wondering if my decrease in production could be permanent?! my poor guy. Im taking fenugreek ... what else should i be doing?

DO I just have to wait it out a few more days?

Thanks mamas!

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