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Re: I need advice please!

Originally Posted by robertribeye View Post
I had this happen from time to time. Have you tried hot presses, massages and fully emptying your breast by a really good pumping? That seemed to help me. I never went to the doc. And I have to say it happened a total of 3 times in a 18 month nursing period. My mom is a nurse and she told me a duct was not totatly being emptied. Are you switching the way she is positioned everytime she feeds. Try a position she normally doesn't get to do. Every position empties different ways from the breast I was told. Make sure to switch it up. I found if we got into a routine of nursing one comfortable way, that's when it would happen. Good luck.~ Mom of three P.S. I am 100% positive this is not a weaning thing.
Yes, this! I had plugged ducts often with DS1 and had to do the compresses, massage, etc. to get the clog out.
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