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Re: Bedsharing-kinda OT

When I went for my WIC appointment, the lady gave me crap and a bunch of paperwork telling me that I have to start putting my LO in a crib at night. I don't know about her parenting habits, but my LO is two months old and sleeps with me every night. NOT ONCE has her life ever come into danger sleeping with me. She sleeps better at night now, and has not had any episodes with trouble breathing, like she would have in her bassinet and crib.

When we move, however, I'm planning on attaching the crib to the side of my bed just so she has more room to roll around (she's already started some rolling, and can scoot across the bed.) When I go back for my 3 month, I'm probably going to politely tell the lady to shove off, as when I talked to my peds & other doctors from the hospital, they were all on-board for co-sleeping.

I seriously hate that so many professionals are so uninformed. Everything I've read points to it being safer & better for baby to co-sleep than anything else.
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