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Re: Daily Chat ~ Wed Sept 8th

Hi Amanda! Bummer on the fizzle out... but it's got to happen one of these days right This is the time in pregnancy when I feel like it will never end and I'll perpetually be using the br every 15 minutes for the rest of my life

Cheli- Big hugs mama!! You can do it. You have endured so much to this point and I know you have the strength and support behind you to keep going. It will get easier and know we're all here behind you so cry, vent, yell, whatever you need to do "goodvibes:

Mags thats too funny about your Graves. We have more in common everytime we chat Are you on meds and how long have you had it? Sorry to hear about the van thats poopy You have such a great outlook on it though, pass some of that my way hehe

Lori I hope your night got better You are such a trooper! Not too much longer and you'll be home everyday having fluffy baby snuggles

Angela I'm so excited for you! I hope this is it!! Keep us posted.

AFM- This funny little baby perked up as soon as we got home and s/he could hear daddys voice, too funny. Ctx went away after I went to bed. I was really hoping that night was going to be eventful though. I felt to crampy yesterday I started to get nervous we'd be in the hossie by sun up that I went home, to find my RnG, prepped ALL my dipes, DH helped me clean and vacuum the van, install the baby's carseat, clean the house and I went to the grocery store. Bummer for no labot but I at least got a lot done I guess it's just as well bc my mom's in CA visiting family and won't be home until the 13th
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