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Re: Siblings at hospital birth?

during my last birth DD was 8 yrs old so old enough to be present, but like the above poster mentioned, for (natural) labor i already knew that i needed dark, quiet, no noises or distractions, so i didnt have her there. this time she will be 14 and DS will be 6 and although DD has been begging to see me birth and i would like her to have a positive image of labor, im pretty sure i wont let either child join us.

i think it depends on what kind of person you are during labor- if you have never gone natural before, i would play it safe and not have anyone there who isnt necessary. youd be surprised how much others can affect your ability to labor!

i even went so far as to go under water to push during my last water birth because it enveloped me in my own little world away and helped me to summon my strength and work hard enough.
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