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Re: How important do you think it is to grow up in a neighborhood

Originally Posted by jen_batten View Post
I'm probably bias in the other direction from you, OP. I grew up on 40 acres and we own 30 acres now. I love the freedom that my kids have and the space they have to run and play. I like that there is no nosy next door neighbor to call CPS over tiny stuff like I have seen on some of these threads. We're kind of picky about some stuff, so a lot of the kids in the neighborhood I might not want my kids playing with anyway. I like the fresh air, and open spaces that the country provides. I have plenty of room for gardens to grow my family fresh food, and room for pets and a bit of livestock. My neighbors down the road don't have any young kids (they're old), but they love my kids. Also this next part is just in my experience so please no one get mad at me, but IME, people are much kinder and laid back in the country. So I think it's important to remember that there are pros and cons to both sides. You're kids might not have a neighborhood of kids to play with, but they do have a lot of oppurtunities that other kids who live in those neighborhoods do not. Happiness really is all in how you look at things!
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