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Re: How important do you think it is to grow up in a neighborhood

I grew up in the country. My parents have about 120+ acres and no close neighbors. We where all mostly homeschooled, at least until we hit our teen years and we played together all the time. We had friends from church that could come over or we could go there but we didn't much until we where a little older, 10+ and really more around 12-13 is when we all started to hang out more outside of church stuff. I LOVED it. We could run around the yard (my Dad kept a HUGE area mowed for the yard) or in the woods. If we wanted to swim there was a creek running through the property we could go play in. My Dad planted a really big garden every summer so if we where hungry we just went to the garden and picked something and washed it off with the hose then kept playing! We had kittens and puppies and chickens and even a baby lamb (it's mama died so a neighbor gave it too us. Only lived a few weeks sadly) and horses when we got older. It was great! We moved from Missouri to Idaho (we had a house on 3 acres in MO) for work and lived in 3rd story apartment for the first year (horrible with kids-no back yard!) the moved to a nice house in a nice neighborhood. Well the backyard has a total of 2 small/med trees and tiny garden area (we have some onions a small patch of strawberries and 3 tomato plants and it's full!). The kids can't dig in the dirt (can't mess up the grass) or climb trees or do very much so they don't like being outside very long at all. Plus on a nice day I don't open the windows because the neighbors can hear everything we say and do and we can hear them! Noise travels! And the solicitors got on my nerves so bad a put up a little sign to keep them away (which so far as worked beautifully). But growing up I didn't have to have up a sign or worry about the noise. And I want my kids to have a dog or a cat or even a pygmy goat pet and guess what, no pets allowed! We have a 2 yr lease and then I am going to insist we get a place out of town. I feel like I am stuck on this lot and everywhere around me is foreign and belongs to someone else. Not a good feeling and not something I am at all use too. Dh grew up in a neighborhood in the same house his parents are still in and he loved it. BUT he isn't friend with ANY of the kids he grew up with in the neighborhood. I on the other hand (even though we live apart) am still good friends with my friends from growing up. We chat or email and when I visit my parents there is one still kinda close to there that tries to go visit her parents so we can see each other. I want my kids to have the best start in life I can give them and I feel like that would be better with some land, out of town. I want them to be more in touch with nature and natural things and I find that very hard to do here.
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