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Re: Lack of suck/swallow/breathe cordination & "weak" suck

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
I am glad it helped. There are people out there who do understand! Husbands are the worst sometimes, too good at compartmentalizing their feelings and maintaining the status quo, but they do care. Sometimes I just want to smack mine, and there have been times I have honestly started fights with him because I want to see him show some emotion. There are days when I sit on the floor and cry at the unfairness of it all. Are there people out there who have it worse? Absolutely, but that doesn't belittle your struggle, or the fear you'll miss something important, make a wrong decision, screw something up with catastrophic results, somehow ruin your childs life by making the wrong choice....that's why I am in favor of more info, at least I can say I know what I'm choosing, KWIM? There will be rough patches, but it does get better!
I think about all the people that "have it worse" too...and feel silly for getting upset! Then sometimes I feel like all I am doing is drawing attention to myself and I feel guilty for that...even though it's not really what I am trying to do. I did just call the ENT to set up an evaluation of DD's nasal passages and I am going to set up an appointment with the feeding specialist regrets that way as you said.
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