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Re: Lack of suck/swallow/breathe cordination & "weak" suck

I can definitely chime in here! My dd is 6 mos and had a posterior tongue tie/lip tie clipped at 4 mos. We don't have insurance, so I was limited on resources, but I talked to hospital lc's, IBCLC's, dentists, and even emailed the big ones, like Catherine Watson Genna and Dr. Kotlow (they were both very helpful, unlike the others) So, at 4 mos I basically decided that I was either crazy, or right and made the 3.5 hour drive to see a ped. in St. Louis MO to have the ptt/ult clipped. Turns out I was NOT crazy! My husband was not behind me until I basically started a fight, and my Mom didn't believe me until after I had it clipped. So, at 6 mos. we are still having issues as well. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!! Trust your mama instincts and just keep talking to ppl and gathering information like the other mama said. A couple suggestions: we are seeing an OCT/feeding therapist who is going to use "Vita Stim" (as in Vital Stimulation) on our dd to help increase muscle tone in her tongue. It is 2 pads that are placed on the bottom of her chin, and send out very minute electrodes. I'm a little nervous but if you are interested I can let you know how it works, and it might be something to talk to your therapist about. It is similar to "E-Stim" from what I've heard. Also, we are seeing a CranioSacral Therapist also. This is highly recommended for after you have the ptt clipped. It is generally not too expensive and you should see some results between 3-6 sessions from what I've been told. Do your research to find someone who has had the pediatric classes and can do the work inside the mouth. The Upledger Institute is a good resource for finding a CST in your area. Some ppl say they do CST, but I'm on my 3rd person, so find someone who has had lots of classes and has worked on a lot of infants with oral motor issues. If I think of anything else I will post it later. Just keep on keepin on mama! The breast is the best!!
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